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Employee Stories

  • Beata

    Beata Winiarski, Assistant Marketing Manager

    I’d always wanted to work for a big, global financial institution like RBS, and since moving to the UK in 2004 I’d met a few people who worked for RBS and spoke very highly about the bank. They told me about all the opportunities they had to experience many different aspects of their jobs and to build an exciting career, so I was thrilled to join the bank in 2007 as a Project Analyst within the Stockbroking team. After a year or so of getting to know RBS and the team, I got the chance to move into a Marketing role which was an area of the business I always wanted to become involved with.

    I’m working now as a Marketing Assistant; still in the Stockbroking team, I look after a number of retail derivatives propositions, which are very complex financial products – it took a while to get my head around them at the beginning. Now though, I’m confident in what I do, and in my ability to really engage with our customers, help them understand our products, and communicate with them in an appropriate way. I’ve also had the chance to manage marketing campaigns from the planning stage all the way through to delivery and execution, which can be so rewarding – it’s a real buzz to see my ideas ‘go live’ and get results.

    I’ve been really lucky too – I’m currently covering for my line manager’s maternity leave which is a fantastic chance to learn more about many different aspects of marketing, as well as being recognised for the work I’ve already done. Everyone at RBS, from my colleagues to my managers, have been so supportive, and while it can be challenging, I honestly love every part of my job!

  • Jackie

    Jackie Reid, Brand Customer Service Manager, Cards Operations

    I’ve been with RBS since August 1985, most of my working life. I started out in my local branch in Macclesfield as a cashier, dealing with customers day to day and really getting a feel for what RBS is all about and what the customers want from their bank. It’s always been important to me to get the best out of myself, and my team, and to know we’re doing our best for the customers, saving them money and going the extra mile to give them the best service possible.

    My current role is Customer Service Manager for the Card Operations team here in Manchester. I’m a very positive person which really helps to motivate my team and push all of us to get the results we need; our motto here is ‘work hard, play hard’. I’m quite a competitive person, which helps a lot. I’m a netball coach in my spare time, so it’s in my nature to try to get the best performance out of those around me – I think the skills I use with the netball team transfer quite well into the workplace! Our business is always changing, as are needs of our customers, so we have to work as a team and adapt to whatever challenges we face. 

    RBS is a great place to develop new skills. I regularly have the chance to work with senior managers both internally and externally, and we’re always collaborating with other teams, so I’m constantly learning from my colleagues. Importantly, hard work is always recognised – and I was lucky enough to attend the Retail Direct Awards in Monte Carlo in 2006, which was a great achievement. 

  • Meg

    Meg Lowe, Business Analyst/Private Banking & Advice

    I studied at Edinburgh University, graduating in Linguistics – maybe not the most typical banking-related degree! I’d heard that RBS offered an excellent graduate scheme but unfortunately missed the application deadline. Luckily though, I had a friend working at an RBS branch and, when a vacancy became available in 2005, I joined the bank as a teller, later moving on to become a Customer Advisor. After three years in-branch, I applied for the Retail Business Leadership Graduate Scheme which took me back to Edinburgh and into the role I’m in today. 

    I’m a Business Analyst in Private Banking and Advice, which is part of the UK Retail division. In a nutshell, my role is to design and develop the future operating models for the business – basically looking at what our targets are for people, technology and processes, and finding the best routes to transform the business to where we want it to be. I think my key skill that makes me good at my job is my ability to absorb large amounts of business information and distil it down into the fundamental points that need to be actioned to achieve our goals. I work with a lot of senior stakeholders, so it’s important for me to be able to engage with people at all levels and present complex information in a way that’s easy to understand, ensuring that everyone involved can see what our shared goals are. 

    The most rewarding part of my job is also the most challenging; the scope and scale of the projects I’m involved in means I have to engage with so many different areas of the business that I really feel like I’m getting to know RBS inside and out. It really makes me stretch beyond my comfort zone which is great as I’m learning every day – and it’s the same for everyone else here. There’s such a ‘teamwork’ environment and everyone’s always striving to raise the bar – mediocrity is not an option!

  • Lynne

    Lynne, Customer Advisor

    Before I joined NatWest in 2007 I'd worked as a Retail Manager in the cosmetics industry, so I know how much good customer service matters to making people feel good.  I was actually a customer of NatWest and I'd always been really impressed with how I'd been treated whenever I'd been in to a branch; everyone had gone out of their way to be as helpful as possible.  When a job became available at my local Darwen branch, I was confident I had the skills they were looking for, so I applied straight away and go the job.  I began as a cashier and quickly found that I wanted to move into a Customer Advisor role so I could spend more time with the customers and get more involved with their needs.

    It's important to be friendly and approachable in this job, and a good listener - and to be equally chatty, which I definitely am!  Every day I have meetings scheduled with around five customers and spend time with them to get a general picture of their finances with a customer review.  I listen, offer support, and help the customer understand what their options are and what best suits their needs, doing whatever I can to save money, and offering their finances protection and support.  It's so rewarding to help people get the best from their finances, but it can be challenging too; meetings can be quite emotional for some customers but much of the time just having someone there listening can lift a weight from their shoulders.

    It’s important that we build quality relationships with our customers and it’s great to see their financial situation improve over time. When someone comes back to me because they trust the advice I’ve given them before, it’s a great feeling. I can see how the solutions I’m providing for my customers are helping my branch achieve its objectives too.

    Working at NatWest has also given me a clearer picture of where I can go in my career.  We're a small branch and work closely as a team but there are always opportunities to train and learn new skills, and to further your career.  My family and I are taken care of with the flexible benefits package too.

  • Darren

    Darren Townson, Customer Service Agent

    Before I joined RBS back on 2004, I’d worked as an interior designer. Probably not the sort of career path you’d expect from someone working in a bank, but you’d be surprised at the sort of useful skills I’ve brought over from my previous role. I was used to helping customers, dealing with their needs and understanding exactly what it was that I needed to do to deliver on their expectations. I’m good at building a rapport with people, and that really helps in my role as a Customer Service Agent – with colleagues as well as customers.

    Prior to my joining, a friend of mine was working for RBS, so I knew it was a great company to work for, but I didn’t really know just how big the group was. Since I’ve been here I’ve learned about all of the businesses within the group, and the many different career paths open to everyone. In my role, day to day, I do anything I can to provide each customer with a friendly, helpful service, offering them products and services that fit their lifestyle, and be of benefit to them. If any complaints come through, I always deal with them fairly and consistently, and I do what I can to support my colleagues and manager whenever needed.

    We all work as a team here, and I work quite closely with my manager, occasionally covering her role, always learning new skills. There’s always recognition of a job well done – monthly prizes, bonuses and incentives to hit call targets – and we’re taken care of with all the benefits available. I’ve met some really good friends through work as well – RBS has a great social scene.

  • Anne-Marie

    Anne-Marie Dixon, Business Manager, Corporate Banking Finance

    I worked as an equity analyst in Wellington, New Zealand, before moving to the UK. RBS appealed because it’s a large organisation with lots going on. 

    I started my RBS career in Central Decision Support in Global Transaction Services working more closely with the numbers, producing monthly financial reports for the management team. I wanted to develop my softer skills and my current role was an opportunity to work with Corporate Banking’s CFO. I would never be given this opportunity if I applied for it externally. That’s one of the main advantages of working in RBS – the extensive number of opportunities.

    I enjoy managing multiple and conflicting expectations – it’s a challenge! Being a new division, many people have come from different parts of the bank and all have different ways of working. I’ve developed great relationships with some fantastic people. I’m also enjoying developing my influencing and strategic thinking skills. RBS encourages movement between divisions, and teams within divisions. This is where networking across the bank helps you and your colleagues.I work in a supportive, fun, friendly and professional environment. We all possess the commitment to do the best job we can, and to see it through to completion. Although this sometimes requires us to work longer hours, a flexible approach to work is also encouraged. I recently received an ‘over and above’ award.

    I like to run, and am training for another marathon next year. I’ve entered the ballot for London 2011, but if I don’t get in I’ll enter the Berlin, Rome or Paris marathons. I also go to the gym and travel whenever possible. I find marathon running helps me with endurance and perseverance in my working life!

  • Tony

    Antony Wood, Business FPM, Business & Commercial Banking

    I’ve worked in the financial industries for over 23 years, and when I came to look for a change in career back in 2008, RBS seemed like a logical choice as an organisation where I could get to grips with new challenges. I work as a Financial Planning Manager within NatWest and really enjoy the interaction with the bank’s customers. Previously I was an Independent Financial Advisor, and over the years I’ve developed the technical expertise and the ability to relate to the customers’ needs, which is essential when meeting and working with such a wide range of people from different businesses. 

    Day to day, I liaise with our internal lead providers who generate opportunities for me to meet with customers and evaluate their individual financial planning arrangements. It can be a real challenge at times; many customers are just about staying afloat financially in the current market conditions, so providing solutions that really make a huge difference to them is extremely rewarding. Even with the pressures that everyone in the financial industries is facing, there’s a real sense of camaraderie in all the teams I work with and the Customer Relationship Managers throughout RBS. We’re all under pressure to meet a wide range of objectives, but there’s an excellent support network for your career, and we’ve all received comprehensive training to ensure we can look after customers now, and into the future.

  • Luke

    Luke Burrows, Head of Analysis, CIB Executive Support

    I qualified as a chartered accountant and spent 3 months working on an RBS Audit, which gave me an insight into the friendly and positive RBS culture.

    RBS is changing: how it operates, how it functions, how it incentivises. It’s a busy time for Finance. I’m required to pass on my thoughts and experience on how items such as incentivisation should change. I have many projects on the go as well as the usual month-end work and analysis. One of my biggest attributes for the role is to be naturally curious – what does that trend show me? If we continued to do X, what would be the cost? Or opportunity? 

    In my previous role I was a good coach; however, managing someone who looks to you every day for guidance and feedback is very different and I’m improving here. RBS have given me a number of opportunities to show I’m a leader. This year I received an ‘Over and Above’ award for my work on the EU Divestment programme. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and has given me exposure to very senior members of finance, strategy and risk in the bank.

    I’ve been training for the London to Brighton bike ride. If I’m successful I’ll be keen to continue the cycling. I might consider using the Bike To Work scheme and upgrade my bike.

    I’m also a massive Liverpool fan. I’ve been a season ticket holder for the past 17 years. I try to get up North to see as many games as I can. Being sociable helps my working life. I always like to take part in team banter – if you can’t have fun or smile in the office then you aren’t going to enjoy it.

  • Richard

    Richard Bacchus, Head of Asset Servicing, Markets & International Banking

    Asset Servicing offers a unique insight into the core of the Financial Industry. It’s the most exciting role within Operations. It takes a certain kind of person to perform within Asset Servicing – if you like pressure, this is the place to be. I have to approach every situation in an extremely flexible way. 

    What attracted me to RBS was the ambition and rate of change. Every day is packed with variety. What I enjoy most is that I have the license to operate. It’s recognised that I’m the expert in my field, and I have the freedom to shape the team according to my vision. My team comprises of some of the best talent available. I’ve brought a number of people to RBS from other Organisations, all of whom have had a successful start to their RBS careers.

    It’s not about the numbers of hours you’re putting in. Success and failure are determined by what you’re delivering. Most other organisations talk a lot about work-life balance without achieving it. Here, it is discussed very little, but delivered consistently. We give ownership of people’s work/life balance to the individual. RBS offers flexibility and a strong culture of work/life balance. 

    I have a two-year-old daughter, so much of my time is spent with my family. As an English Literature graduate, I have a love of literature and like nothing more than thumbing through old books in libraries and bookshops. There is a timelessness and real humanity to many of the universal themes I enjoy reading about. I’m an avid people watcher…probably related to my interest in literature. This helps me read situations in the workplace, understand people’s motivation and help offer a vision for the team.

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan Briggs, Head of Resourcing, Wealth Management

    A successful career with RBS doesn’t necessarily start with a big financial background. Although I did graduate in Business Economics, for me it all started in the retail sector; I’d completed a Graduate Trainee scheme with Marks & Spencer and gone on to join a small recruitment consultancy, working in retail recruitment. I then moved to larger recruitment firm focussing on HR. While there, I worked with RBS as a client and was really impressed with the time and investment that went into their recruitment process – not only in finding the right people for the job, but the many opportunities given to them. 

    I really wanted to use the skills and experience I’d built up to get exposure to markets outside of the UK. I’d left the recruitment consultancy as Group Manager responsible for offices in London and Glasgow, so people management was a key area for me. RBS has been great at matching my fundamental skills with my personal career ambitions and now, as Head of Resourcing for the Wealth Management division, I oversee teams based in the UK, Switzerland and Asia for Coutts & Co, RBS International and Adam & Company. 

    I was confident that recruitment would be high on the agenda for RBS, and I haven’t been disappointed. From Director level down, there’s a level of involvement that shows just how committed everyone is to making sure the group has the right people to realise its various goals. I’m happy that I’m playing my part in shaping the long-term solutions of the group, and know that I’ve got the support I need to do my job properly, as well as to take advantage of every opportunity I’m presented with. 

  • Natasha

    Natasha Holt, NatWest Customer Service Officer

    I joined NatWest Bolton Branch in 2008. I’m a cashier, reception and service co-ordinator. I cover most branch banking roles from working on the counter, helping our customers on reception, prospecting for opportunities to save our customers money. I excel in customer service – I always do what I say and keep my promises to the customer, delivering our Helpful Banking commitments published in our Customer Charter. 

    It makes me happy when I know I’ve asked the right questions, found out about a customer’s background, and been able to save them money. The customer walks out the door with a smile on their face – with our approach to Helpful Banking we can change their lives. I have surprised myself at how quickly I got to grips with things. So much so, I am now confident in training others, and have represented my branch at regional meetings. I went to the National Customer Service Awards in December 2009. I was Highly Commended for Best Newcomer. 

    I’m doing a course at the moment called Future Leaders. The next step for me is the customer advisor role, undertaking full financial reviews and offering solutions to help make their life easier. There’s an even balance between work and my life. I love HipHop and streetdance. To me, dancing means expressing your feelings and letting it all out. I just love it. I recently started an aerobics and yoga class which is fab! I feel in my working life I need plenty of energy, which also generates enthusiasm. Sometimes situations can make you feel really stressed – yoga helps me keep calm and stay focused, which results in the right outcome for the customer.

  • Qiming

    Qiming Li, Risk Manager, Predictive Analytics, Retail Wealth & Ulster

    Before joining RBS in October 2008, I studied for my PhD in Mathematics at Edinburgh University and after completing my studies was keen to start a career in finance. I knew that a business the size of RBS could offer me good training and the chance to try different jobs, so it was natural to apply to one of the world’s largest groups. My mum and friends in China all knew RBS so it was great to know I was working for such a well-known company. 

    I work in Predictive Analytics for Retail Wealth & Ulster, which is part of the RBS Risk division. Day to day I monitor all of the models in place, run various programmes and investigate, analyse and report on statistics and data. I use the SAS programme as the tool to do this analysis, and since joining the bank have been given the chance to really develop my knowledge of SAS and gain all the other skills that I need to excel in my job. I’m also studying towards the CFA qualification which improves my understanding of economic and financial instruments. 

    I’m really happy to be able to use my background in mathematics in my job, but one of the best things about my role is that I’m able to mix the academic side with real business understanding. It can sometimes be challenging to make that link and explain the connection between statistical outcomes and the actual business situations, but I like that my work takes me closer to the business and financial market than I had expected. And although we do a lot of in-depth, complex work, the team I work in is great fun. My colleagues are always happy to help and we all get on really well, socialising and getting involved in team activities from time to time.

  • Lisa

    Lisa Davis, Senior Bank Manager, Larkfield Cluster

    After taking my A-Levels and leaving school in 1983 I knew I wanted a career in one of the big banks.  NatWest was one name that always stuck out as being one of the biggest and best. I did work experience at one of my local branches two years earlier, and everyone I met then was helpful and happy in their work, so I was delighted when I was offered a job after my first interview. I had big ambitions for my career, and over the years I’ve worked my way to Senior Bank Manager, looking after a cluster of NatWest branches in the Larkfield region.

    I’m very much a people person, so it’s great to work hands-on with the staff and managers of so many branches, to coach and develop them to improve their performance and achieve their ambitions within the bank. This in turn means the customers, through our Customer Charter and Helpful Banking commitments get outstanding service and the help they need from their bank. I’m in constant contact with my managers and visit each branch weekly to ensure that the high standards are being maintained. Ultimately it’s my responsibility to see that the branches are being run efficiently and effectively, and you could say I’m quite tough – but in the nicest possible way! I find that people respond well and push themselves to meet objectives if a tough message is delivered in the right way, and I think we all work well as a team and really support each other. 

    I think my career is testament to the opportunities that the RBS group can give. There are many courses and learning programmes to go on, and I’ve found the specialist courses for Senior Banking Managers to be invaluable. Staff development is very important to me, and I try to give everyone I work with every opportunity – as I had – to better their careers and deliver on our Customer Charter commitments.

  • Alan

    Alan Marshall, Senior Client Partner

    As a Senior Client Partner for Coutts, I’m lucky enough to work with some really fantastic people. I manage a team of six bankers in the Executive Client Group and personally look after around 150 high net worth individuals – people like the CEOs and FDs of major businesses. 

    Along with my team, I deliver wealth management solutions that meet a wide range of individual needs, so my job is really all about understanding my clients and the world they’re in. It’s really fulfilling to make those connections with new clients, build successful working relationships with them and earn their trust through providing a service that matches all of their requirements, and the demands on them and their businesses. Day to day I also manage my team and make sure they’re focussed, happy and are working together to help our clients, and achieve our targets.

    I joined RBS in 2003 and was initially attracted to the strength and breadth of the group and the amount of exciting brands that are part of it – I’d found Coutts particularly inspiring. I knew that RBS took care of their people and really recognised the good work across the group and rewarding individual achievements. 

    I’ve got a pretty active lifestyle, so I’ve made the most of all the benefits on offer, like ‘Bike to Work’ and the life cover package. I fly planes in my spare time, which I think inspires some of the qualities I need to do my job well – it gives me the confidence and tenacity to react to a huge number of different situations and make important decisions that people rely on.

  • Preeti

    Preeti Chaudhary, Senior Lean Change Agent

    I joined RBS on the Operations Management Graduate Programme. Getting a flavour of three different types of roles helped me decide what I wanted to do. The role offered more variety and flexibility in comparison to other organisations.

    As a Lean Change Agent you go into different business areas and completely transform them. Ideas come from the staff themselves, we then implement together and see their designs come to life in a new, improved way of working. You’re taught a lot of skills to help support people through the change. You need to be confident and good at building relationships because you’re taking people on an emotional journey. I love the variety. The days are long but the work is so interesting, I don’t really feel it. We also play hard too! 

    I didn’t realise just how great an impact the role would have in such a small time frame. You can really show what you’re capable of and it has visibility at all levels in the organisation. The recognition culture in the business is really good; you get recognised whenever you go ‘over and above’. Our suggestions for improvement are taken on board and implemented so you can see how you play a part in the business. I feel very proud at the end of a project. Mindset and behaviour changes are always the hardest to achieve – however, once you crack it, everything else falls into place.

    Glass painting is a hobby I picked up back in school. I’m quite a creative person. It’s very different to what I’m doing at work – it’s not pressured, it’s quite relaxing. I like transforming something that’s quite plain into something beautiful. 

  • Kirsty

    Kirsty Lyall, Technical and Statutory Reporting Manager

    I’ve always worked in accountancy roles in some capacity and have always had the ambition to work for the biggest and best, so to me, joining the Royal Bank of Scotland was a logical step on my career path. I joined in December 2007 following two years as a lecturer for professional accountancy students. Supporting and encouraging people to make the most of their professional opportunities is important to me. And in joining a brand new team in a management position, RBS has given me the chance to do just that, for my team.

    Of course, there’s been plenty of learning opportunities for me, too. That was one of the real attractions of working at RBS, and I’ve had the challenge of building a new team and putting the processes in place that make it work. I take care of a selection of subsidiary accounts, to strict deadlines and tight requirements so this, alongside the pressures of managing the team and raising our reputation throughout the group, has really pushed me to make the best of every opportunity that comes my way. The bigger the challenge the better!

    I play Softball during the summer months, and the feeling you get from one of your team hitting a good shot and making a home run isn’t much different to how I feel at work a lot of the time. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting recognition for overcoming obstacles and delivering a great product and it’s thanks to having such a focussed, professional team that we’re able to do this so often.


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